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AppDaemon installation

Before installing ControllerX, we will need to install AppDaemon first. For this, you can follow the official documentation for it. I personally recommend to install the AppDaemon addon from the Add-on store on your Home Assistant. Once the addon is installed, you can run it and it will set up everything for you. It will create a folder in /config/appdaemon with the needed structure for AppDaemon to run.

You can read here what's AppDaemon and why is needed.

ControllerX installation

Once you have AppDaemon up and running (check the logs), you can proceed to install ControllerX either manually or through HACS. It is important to have AppDaemon up and running before installing ControllerX.


The easiest way to add this to your Home Assistant installation is using HACS with Enable AppDaemon apps discovery & tracking checked. If you don't have it enabled, go to Configuration > Integrations > HACS (Options). You will find ControllerX in the Automation section on HACS. Once installed, restart AppDaemon addon/server and go to the configuration page.


Download the latest version, and then place the controllerx folder in your machine /config/appdaemon/apps/controllerx. The needs to be in /config/appdaemon/apps/controllerx/ Once copied, restart AppDaemon addon/server.