Custom mapping

We can make use of the attribute mapping to overwrite completely the behaviour of our default controller, or merge_mapping to overwrite just the specified events. The content of both work the same way:

  • key: The event to get fired from the controller. You can check these events in the individual pages from the supported controllers. Note that they change depending on the controller and the integration (z2m, deconz, zha). Mutliple click functionality can be configured in the key part.
  • value: An action type or a list of them. This is/are the action(s) to be executed when the event (key) is fired.

Let's see an example:

  module: controllerx
  class: E1743Controller
  controller: sensor.livingroom_controller_action
  integration: z2m
  light: light.livingroom
      - scene: scene.night
      - service: notify.telegram
          message: "off" clicked

In this example, the key is "off" (extracted from the Zigbee2MQTT mapping of the E1743 IKEA controller) and the value is a list of 2 action types: one to activate an scene and the other to send a message through HA call service.