Entity groups

This is supported from ControllerX v4.14.0

ControllerX allow for Entity Controllers (LightController, MediaPlayerController, CoverController, etc) to work with grouped entities.

All is needed is an entity with entity_id attribute with a list of entities controlled by the grouped entity. For example, we can use a group entity from Group Integration, or from Light Group Integration. ControllerX will read attribute from the main entity (the first one from the list), but will run the actions on the grouped entity.

Let's imagine we have a Light Group entity (light.livingroom):

  - platform: group
    name: livingroom
      - light.livingroom_1
      - light.livingroom_2
      - light.livingroom_3

Then, we could for example configure the following in apps.yaml file:

  module: controllerx
  class: E1810Controller
  controller: sensor.livingroom_controller_action
  integration: z2m
  light: light.livingroom

light.livingroom_1 will be the main light that ControllerX will read from, but light.livingroom will be the grouped entity that ControllerX will perform the actions.

For example, if light.livingroom_1 does not support brightness, but light.livingroom_2 and light.livingroom_3 do, then the configuration will not work because ControllerX will not be able to read brightness attribute from light.livingroom_1.