Event integration

This is supported from ControllerX v4.23.0

Most of the integrations supported by ControllerX are defined for an specific use case (zigbee2mqtt, deCONZ, ZHA), but we also have the State integration, which is a more generic integration and allows us to listen to any Home Assistant entity state and build a mapping from it. From ControllerX v4.23.0, we can also use the Event integration which allows us define the event we want to listen to, and which actions build from it.

Each event has its own payload that could look like:

  "device_ieee": "00:67:88:56:06:78:9b:3f",
  "device_name": "my_device",
  "command": "step",
  "args": { "direction": "up" }

Then, ControllerX needs to convert this JSON-like data to an action string, so we can build our mapping on something like action_step_up.

Following this use case, we can create our own ControllerX configuration with this custom event:

  module: controllerx
  class: LightController
  controller: my_device # This is the value we listen from `controller_key` defined below.
  light: light.my_light
    name: event # This name is necessary
    event_type: my_custom_event
    controller_key: device_name
    action_template: "action_{command}_{args[direction]}"
    action_step_up: click_brightness_up
    action_step_down: click_brightness_down

Let's break down the configuration for the integration:

  • event_type: This is the event we will be listening to. For example, ZHA uses zha_event.
  • controller_key: This is the key that we will listen from. It can be extracted from the event. Note that the following names cannot be used for this field: name, event, callback, namespace or cb
  • action_template: This is the template that allows us build the name of the actions. We can use {} to retrieve the keys from the data, and [] inside to access attributes inside it as shown in the example.