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Picture Controller types Integrations
  • LightTS0044FLightController
  • Zigbee2MQTT (z2m)


This device is very similar to the TS0044 Tuya, except that it doesn't hold action, double clicks.

Note that each button perform the same actions. This is because ControllerX is designed to control just one entity (light or media player). So, you can include the actions parameter to include the actions needed, or use the mapping attribute to define a custom mapping. You can check here for reference.

Also, this controller doesn't support hold action. This means that there is not smooth brightness changes when holding, just step by step everytime it's pressed.


Class: TS0044FLightController

Default delay: 350ms

Default mapping:

Zigbee2MQTT Predefined actions
"on", "off" toggle
brightness_step_up click_brightness_up
brightness_step_down click_brightness_down
  module: controllerx
  class: TS0044FLightController
  integration: z2m
  controller: sensor.my_controller_action
  light: light.my_entity_id
  module: controllerx
  class: TS0044FLightController
    name: z2m
    listen_to: mqtt
  controller: my_controller
  light: light.my_entity_id
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