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  • Light (LZL4BWHL01LightController; 350ms delay)
deconz, zha

Controller types

LZL4BWHL01LightController (Light)

This is the default mapping for this controller:

  • Top button pressed → Full brightness
  • Arrow up held → Brighten up
  • Arrow down held → Dim down
  • Bottom button pressed → Turn off

This is an example configuration:

  module: controllerx
  class: LZL4BWHL01LightController
  controller: < controller_id >
  integration: < deconz, zha >
  light: < light entity >


Here you will see the actions that the controller fires when pressing or holding the buttons. In case of z2m it shows the state that the sensor takes. In case of deconz it shows the event id (or gesture) and for zha it shows the command concatenated with the args.


  • 1002 → Top button pressed
  • 2001 → Arrow up held
  • 2003 → Arrow up released
  • 3001 → Arrow down held
  • 3003 → Arrow down released
  • 4002 → Bottom button pressed


  • move_to_level_with_on_off_254_4 → Top button pressed
  • step_with_on_off_0_30_6 → Arrow up held
  • step_1_30_6 → Arrow down held
  • move_to_level_with_on_off_0_4 → Bottom button pressed
  • stop → Arrow released


When using words like "on" and "off" in the YAML configuration, you will need to wrap them up with quotation marks ("), otherwise they will be parsed as boolean variables (True and False).